1932 Oakland V8

I was there


1932 Pontiac custom sedan and 1932 Oakland in showroom

In 1957, my father acquired "the Dillon place" a little farm in Hayes County, Nebraska. I was 14 at the time and most curious as to the old stuff lying around the place. There was this old 4-door car that resembled a model A but was more muscular looking. Poking around it I found the data plate identifying it as a 1932 Oakland automobile. Under the hood was a flat head engine with 8 cylinders resembling the Ford flat heads. The body was metal supported by a wooden frame work. I never heard of the make again until I was browsing EBay and found an earlier model. The search turns up info than indicates the car went out of production in 1931????? What the heck???

Victor Potter

Additional Information:

The last car to bear the name Oakland was put together on October 8,1931, but it wasn't until the middle of 1932 that the Oakland Motor Car Company became the Pontiac Motor Company.

In January 1932, it was announced "The Oakland Eight is now known as the Pontiac Eight". By this time the two cars were identical and leftover Oaklands were re badged as Pontiac's. we can't find any reliable source that shows any Oaklands titled as 1932 models but the way things usually worked, we're sure there were some. Neither the 75 Years of Pontiac Oakland by John Gunnell or the Standard Catalog of Pontiac: 1926-1995 list a 1932 Oakland. Even if it was a Pontiac, 1932 models built before June would still show "Oakland Motor Car Company" as the manufacturer on the I.D. tag.
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