1942, Production Goes to War/zh

1942 年,转向战时生产

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二战开始后,通用汽车的所有生产线转向为同盟国生产军用物资,总共提供从飞机到坦克、船舶柴油机、卡车、机枪和炮弹在内价值超过120 亿美元的战争物资。通用汽车是向同盟国军队提供物资最多的制造企业。

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Here is a list of the WWII General Motors War Material Production 1940-45: (This is the best list I could assemble from the contemporary sources at war's end)

    198,000    Diesel engines for tanks & landing craft
    206,000    Airplane engines
     13,000    Complete bombers and fighter planes
     97,000    Aircraft propellors
    301,000    Aircraft gyroscopes
     38,000    Tanks, tank destroyers and armored vehicles
    854,000    Trucks, including amhibious DUKWs
    190,000    Cannons
  1,900,000    Machine guns and submachine guns
  3,142,000    Carbines
  3,826,000    Electric motors          
 11,111,000    Fuses
360,000,000    Ball and roller bearings
119,562,000    Shells
 39,181,000    Cartridge cases

540,619,000 Grand Total

To this day, the government has not forgotten GM's contribution.

EPA call recently to inquire if there was any leftover High Explosive (HE) on the Pontiac site, After we posed some logical questions: Why ship HE from the Coast to Pontiac, load the artillery shells, then ship these things back to the Coast. Loading the HE into the shells should properly be done at the port just prior to loading the transport ship.

EPA was satisfied with our logic and had no further questions.

Ralph Reinhart

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