2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

I was there


2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06/Z16 Commemorative Edition

I was there...

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Personal story and photograph submitted by owners Bill and Pam Holtzclaw - courtesy of the National Corvette Museum website - for participation in the National Corvette Museum 2008 Historic Motorama II.

The Corvette bug first bit me in 1978. Everyday on the way to school I passed by the local Chevrolet dealer in our small Arkansas town. One day the dealer had a '78 Silver Anniversary in the big display window – at that moment in time I became a life-long Corvette fan.

Approximately twenty years later, in 1998, the dream of Corvette ownership finally came true with the purchase of our first Corvette; a 1982, two-tone blue car (one of 1,667 produced) lovingly referred to as 2TONE82.

I chose the '82 car because I graduated high-school in 1982. Years later when we decided to adopt another Corvette as a belated retirement gift (I retired from the Marine Corps in 2003) I set out looking only at 2003 Z06s. I had narrowed my search down to two cars and was negotiating deals; a Millennium Yellow in Albuquerque, New Mexico and an Electron Blue in San Antonio, Texas when I discovered that a fellow club member was selling his Z16, making room for a C6 Z06 he had just picked up. I made arrangements to see the car at noon the following day and the deal was done with the car in my driveway at two that afternoon. Ironic how we were looking for a Z06 hundreds of miles away and the car we buy was less than 5 miles from our house. Also, turns out that although the car is a 2004 model it was born on December 1 st , 2003. In the end I got my belated 2003 retirement gift. She is number 165 of the 2,025 Z16s built to commemorate the C5 racing at Le Mans. I often call her my “Dress Blue” car as the color and stripes resemble the Marine Corps Dress Blue uniform.

Other than new tires the car is factory stock and has approximately 25K miles on her. It's been a storied 25K miles including a trip where my wife and I joined 13 other club members to slay the Tail of the Dragon. In 2007 #165 was selected as a celebrity car show winner by Harlen Charles (designer of the Z16 paint/stripe scheme) at the 10th Anniversary C5/C6 Bash.

I'm a founding member and active participant of Vets with Vettes and Corvette Owners. My family is fortunate to have two Corvettes, allowing us to participate in club events as a family of four. The club is very active in local civic events, parades and annual events benefiting veteran's organizations.

The picture I've included is from when we took #165 back home to the Corvette Factory at Bowling Green. The picture is in front of the 50th Anniversary mural at the entrance to the factory floor.

We consider it an honor to participate in this historic event and while 2TONE82 will remain at home we look forward to writing another chapter in the history of #165.

Save the Wave and Drive That Corvette!

Semper Fi!

Bill & Pam
Madison, Alabama
2004 Z06/Z16 Lemans Blue Commemorative Edition
165 of 2025 Produced

When GM celebrates the beginning of its next 100 years on September 16, 2008, 55 Corvettes will be on display outside its World Headquarters at Detroit’s Renaissance Center. The Corvettes are in fact the Historic Motorama II, a caravan from the National Corvette Museum (NCM) which is comprised of one example from each of the 55 years of Corvette production. The caravan will depart from the National Corvette Museum on September 10th with stops along the way. People attending the GMnext Day activities on September 16th will be able to view the Corvettes before and after the official program.

Look at the next Historic Motorama II Corvette participant, representing a cross-section of Corvette enthusiasts from across the country.

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