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Oldsmobile Six for 1929
by Olds Motor Works. 1929.
22 pages with illustrations and photographs

This booklet gives a brief overview, photographs, specifications and f.o.b. pricing of the Lansing-built Oldsmobile Six body styles available in 1929. The improved Oldsmobile Six was marketed as being high in value and quality, as well as low in price. They featured luxurious mohair upholstered interiors, coiled spring cushioned seats, indirectly lighted indicators, insulated interiors, adjustable steering wheels, and an L-head engine. The Bodies by Fisher body was described as being smart and beautiful; and solidly built for safety, riding comfort and longevity.

The 1929 Oldsmobile Six body styles and trim levels (Special and DeLuxe) described:

Two-door Sedan
Four-door Sedan
Sport Coupe

Special Models: included, as additional equipment, two extra tires and tubes on rims mounted and locked in front fender wells; chromium-plated bumpers front and rear, and folding trunk platform.

DeLuxe Models: included, as additional equipment, six wire wheels, with two extra tires and tubes mounted and locked with wheels in front fender wells; chromium-plated bumpers front and rear; chromium-plated headlamps, and folding trunk platform.

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